Having a finished basement with a unique design can be a lot of fun. Why waste your basement by keeping it unfinished? There are many ways you can put your basement into use rather than being a couple of spare rooms for the common storage, laundry or simply a place where no one ever goes or even talks about. Dust out those cobwebbed corners; here are unique basement ideas for your new home that you and your buddies will love–all it takes is a little imagination! You may want to consider the following:

Sound Proofed Music Room

Is music your passion? If yes, this might be the basement idea for you. You can set up a mirrored globe, and then add beautiful lighting with smoke blowing into space with state of the art surround sound–what? You are not a child of the seventies? Alright, you can remove the smoke. This is your opportunity to create a symphonic sound system and a place that will allow you to treasure all the highs and lows.

Look Up There!

Hanging cafe string lights can brighten up your basement and your open ceiling. When using LEDs, the effect can be illuminating and very energy efficient. If you wish to cover up ductwork and ugly pipes with or without the lights, you can use fabric draped on your basement ceiling. Your imagination only limits your choice of colors, but still, you can string some lights to match the look. These ideas, however, may not work well if you have a low ceiling. If you have a high ceiling, a loft-like ambiance will do great. You can simply achieve this by leaving the ceiling open and painting it black or an accent color.

Walls with WOW Factor

With some creativity, concrete block walls can be revamped without spending too much covering them up. Using reclaimed wood to get that rustic look at very little cost is a great idea. When looking for repurposed wood, pallet wood is generally abundant and inexpensive. Furthermore, it can easily be attached to the wall with liquid nails. And instead of permanent walls that will need a permit, pallet wood or curtains hung with cables can make excellent room dividers. Not into woodsy? Consider painting one wall with chalkboard paint for the little ones to draw on.

Unique Flooring Ideas

Great basement ideas don’t have to end with the type of room you want to change your basement into–you can as well get creative with the flooring, as this allows you to come up with something that is truly one of a kind. Rather than painting the floor with a solid color, why not use distinctive stencils to dress it up? Stenciling can be used over the entire floor or simply add artistic touches in some parts.

Although there are so many more interesting and unique basement ideas you could choose for your home, popular basement remodels include playrooms, family rooms, guest rooms, wet rooms, gym, wet bars, offices, wine cellars and the highly sought-after man cave. Your purpose will also help in decisions, like what type of walls, floors, and ceilings you want.

In sum, a basement can be transformed into any kind of room. By remodeling your unfinished basement, you can turn it into something that anyone who enters will remember, and perhaps, envy for years to come.