Buying a home can be a laborious and nerve-wracking process. First you have to find a home you like in a neighborhood that is right for you and your family. In addition to the many aesthetic and practical considerations – is the yard big enough? does the kitchen promote an efficient work flow? is there sufficient storage? – there will inevitably be questions of quality of construction, age and condition that may not be visible on the surface. Even with a thorough home inspection, surprises can crop up and the consequence can be expensive (and mandatory) repairs. These are some of the reasons why many people find working with a custom homebuilder can be an attractive alternative to resale. Let’s break down the advantages of building versus buying:


When you start adding up the cost of major repairs such as a new roof, or replacing outmoded electrical or HVAC systems, the extra expense of buying a resale home that needs work can be astronomical. Working with an experienced builder, contractor and trades on a new build can be surprisingly economical. That’s because efficiencies and achieving the best price point for goods and services can be built into the process. As the prospective homeowner, you can also weigh in on your personal preferences about everything from design to paint color and floor finishes.

Hassle and Heartache

You don’t really know a house until you’ve lived in it. How many buyers have moved into a resale home only to discover it needs major work just to be comfortable? Setting up a new home should be exciting, not a roller coaster ride of expense and hassle. With a custom built home, things may still go wrong, but generally not in a major way.

Outdated Technologies

Some technologies and materials are evergreen – the fine masonry and marble surfaces found in some heritage homes, for example, never get old. But innovative greener technologies, sustainable building practices and integrated energy efficiency programs and products are coming to market every single day. A custom built home can take full advantages of these advances to save you heating, cooling and many other costs. It is also now possible to recreate many of the character features of an older home with newer materials.

Build on your own hand-picked site

The right parcel of land is a big part of any dream home. Working with a custom builder who can advise on the development of your property from start to finish takes that dream into the stratosphere. Privacy, landscaping features, family recreation – all of these can be planned to order when you’re building from scratch on a hand-picked site. Girsh Development is a recognized builder of superb quality homes in the Central New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania region. They understand just how precious the opportunity to build the home of your dreams really is and they’ll bring years of expertise and high standards to the task.