One of the most common threats to homes is inclement weather that can arrive in different seasons of the year on the East Coast. From summer hurricanes to winter storms, there are several elements that can wreck havoc on residential properties and lead to thousands of dollars in repairs. To ensure that your home is protected in harsh winds or rain, there are a few important tips to follow.

1. Clean the Gutters

Many people fail to have their gutters cleaned before a storm arrives, which can cause water to become backed up on the roof and can quickly lead to leaks. You’ll need to remove leaves, branches, or debris that has accumulated in the metal structure to protect your roofing materials and prevent too much pressure from being applied to the structure.

2. Trim the Trees

Trimming the trees on your property will prevent them from coming into contact with your home when the wind picks up. Trimming the trees will also prevent critters from having access on your roof and building nests or destroying the materials that are installed when they look for shelter in a storm. Some branches may also need to be completely sawed off if they have a loose connection to the tree trunk. This will protect your windows, doors, and siding from becoming damaged.

3. Board Up the Windows

Boarding up your home’s windows during a heavy storm will protect the glass, which is vulnerable to strong winds and rainfall. Add plywood or metal storm panels to cover each window for extra security with window tension grips and screws that can be used. The doors on each level of the home should also be covered and protected.

4. Pack Up Outdoor Items

From patio furniture to potted plants, there are a number of outdoor items that can be picked up from strong winds in the middle of the storm and come in contact with your home or your neighbor’s house. Pack up the outdoor items to prevent damage and transport them to a shed or your garage.

Although it can be difficult to avoid a storm that arrives in your local area, there are ways to protect your residential property from extensive damage that can occur. With the right tools and materials used, you’ll secure the building and prevent any loss that can occur throughout the year.